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How to Get Financial Aid at Phillips Academy Boarding School?

Phillips Academy Andover-A Symbol of Academic Excellence

Founded in 1778, Phillips Academy Andover, Phillip boarding school, continues to fulfill its promise of imparting quality education while nurturing tomorrow’s leaders. By giving optimum exposure at a tender age, we aim to foster exceptional thinking abilities that allow students to broaden their horizons. 

The institution welcomes students wholeheartedly regardless of their financial, racial, or religious background. We believe in providing an all-inclusive environment where students interact, learn, and grow together as a global community. The Phillips Academy Andover, Phillip boarding school, proudly houses students from 54 countries. The institution offers 300 courses, including eight international languages. 45% of the students are on financial aid, indicating how convenient it is for deserving students to be a part of this prestigious institution despite financial inability. 

Financial Support at Phillips Academy Andover, Phillip Boarding School

The Phillips Academy out rightly owns each of its students, regardless of financial background. The institution fulfills the complete financial needs of those who qualify for the need-blind admission initiative. All the students have to do is demonstrate the zeal to grow into empathetic, analytical, and most importantly, responsible citizens of the world. 

We have a comprehensive and unbiased system to analyze a student’s ability to fulfill academic expenses. A careful analysis of every family’s special circumstances and needs allows us to identify the most deserving students for the need-based grant. As an illustration, we do not consider house valuation up to $650,000 when computing the net asset worth. For families who do not own a house, we offer considerate rental allowances. The institution does not limit the number of students who avail of the scholarship by setting an upper limit on the family income. We take immense pride in the fact that 46% of our student body is on financial aid, out of which 12% is on full scholarship. 

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Policy on Financial Aid Based On Geographic Proximity to the Institution

Those who live close to the Phillips Academy such as in a nearby town or city and qualify for financial aid will get admission as a day student. If such a student wishes to join as a boarder, the family must bear the additional expense associated with living on the campus premises. The Phillips Academy Andover, Phillip boarding school gives priority to students who come from far-off places and do not have a suitable place to live, when it comes to obtaining residence at the boarding school. When the students apply for admission, the family must simultaneously apply for financial aid. The annual boarding tuition averages around $66,290 whereas day tuition fares at $51,380. The institution disburses approximately a staggering $24.5 million in financial aid annually. 

How to Apply For Financial Aid How to get financial aid at Phillips Academy Boarding School?

The Phillips Academy Andover, Phillip boarding school has a transparent and efficient system that helps, both the parents and the institution, to make the process smooth and tamper-free. We do not tolerate any sort of discrimination or unjust favoritism when it comes to awarding financial aid. 

Using the Clarity Tuition application, we obtain all the relevant documents such as tax, asset information, and others, along with the financial aid application. The form is available online. From November 15th you can view the form and complete all the necessary information. The applicants must submit their admission forms and the Clarity application before February 1st. 

After that, the institution will assess all the applications and make its decision regarding aid disbursement. It will communicate its decision on March 10th to all the applicants. 

The applicants must visit the website and make an account on the Financial Aid Application page. The form is relatively easy, taking about thirty minutes to complete. Having a mobile-friendly interface, you can access your account from anywhere. You can also save your progress and return it to your account at a later time if you are unable to complete it in one go. The Financial Aid application submission fee is $55. You can view the instructions on how to pay the fee.  

For uninterrupted support, we have a mobile app where you can post any queries regarding form submission. Also, you can reach us through email at support@claritytuition.com. We cater to both Spanish and English languages to facilitate our applicants.