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Admission To US Top Boarding School Requires An Effective Strategy With Precise Approach.

Top private boarding high schools in America
US top boarding schools are all about prestige, academic excellence, learning opportunities, and inclusive community. Getting admitted to these schools is a dream for all, but making it come true is not all about luck. It’s rather about meticulous planning and how you execute your plan.

The admission criteria of US top boarding schools are highly selective and very complex. The admission process is lengthy, invested and stressful. With just around 10% acceptance rate, these schools prepare students from the very beginning and are considered a gateway to top colleges and universities. Both the parents and students need to invest a significant amount of time and effort during this process. The admission process takes almost 9 months, and it involves various steps which need careful assessment.

The Best Admission Advisory to Elite US top Boarding School

Elite School Admissions or ESA is a boutique admission advisory practice only focusing on candidates or applicants looking to be admitted to US top boarding schools. We help candidates or applicants from the start of the planning process. Our process include application filing, profile formation, personality evaluation, interview and meetings preparation, essays and recommendation letters along with helping in selection of the right school. Our experts also advise students on SSAT / ISEE high scoring strategies and private coaching. We also engage motivational mentors during the process.

A Customized Strategy Tailored Specifically for Your Admission Needs in US Top Boarding School

Our team is highly experienced, with a optimum success rate. Our process is agile, elaborated and designed around candidates. We engage with applicants from all over the world and work with their calendars and availability.

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Now Accepting Applicants for Year 2023 – 2024 sessions.

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Our boarding school admission consultant aims to assist your child in navigating the application process in a strategic and organised manner. Our programme structure is adaptable and designed to meet the diverse requirements of thousands of families with whom we collaborate annually. We offer all-inclusive packages designed to guide your child from the beginning to the end of the process for families desiring assistance with all important stages. And if you need assistance with particular phases of the admissions cycle, we offer shorter packages that allow you to work with our boarding school admission consultant. In either format, we can provide your child to support in the following areas:
  • School Selection and Essay Methodology & Growth
  • Recommendations
  • Additional Material Work
  • Planning Visits
  • Resume/CV Development
  • Interview Practise – Waitlist Advice/Appeals
  • Application Methodology
  • Final Review of Application

If you think Our boarding school admission consultant can help your child succeed in the admissions process. Our Consultant team will advise you on the most suitable programme for your child.

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