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Why US Top Boarding Schools Are the Best in the World?

Over the past decade, there has been a constant incline in the number of students submitting their applications for boarding schools in the U.S. Most people argue that the increase in popularity is just a craving of the lifestyle portrayed by movies and tv shows. The reason for that popularity, however, lies in the fact that boarding schools in the U.S. have just been on the verge of improving their higher education for the better.

Whether it is the vast diversification that its boarding school offers, its elevated student life, or the distinguished quality of education, the popularity that surrounds opting for American boarding schools speaks for itself once a student graduates. So if you are stuck in deciding on the next step for your high school education, learning about the reasons why boarding schools in the U.S are so popular can help you opt for one.

6 Reasons Why U.S. Boarding Schools Are The Best Pick For You

While boarding schools in the USA are famous for their strict admission requirements, they compensate for that by providing elite educational opportunities to their students and laying a strong foundation for their future educational and career opportunities. Here are some reasons that discuss why you should choose the top American boarding schools:

1. Academic Prestige As No Other

The U.S. is known to be the home of the greatest and the most renowned boarding schools which all continue to remain at the top of the international rankings. American boarding schools also are regarded to have exceptional educational standards which hold their worth in other countries as well. In 2019, the QS World Ranking reported that 33 of the most prestigious educational institutions are from the U.S.

Starting from 9th to 12th grade, their educational programs include advanced coursework to introduce the students to maths, history, art, sciences, geography, IT, drama, literature and foreign languages which lay the groundwork for the later individual professional fields of students. Students study extensive academic curricula that allow them to learn researching, reasoning, and questioning.

They are also presented with the opportunities to be involved with their special course programs as well as with expert teachers. Some of the highest-ranked boarding schools in U.S. are:

  • Phillips Academy
  • Phillips Exeter Academy
  • Choate Rosemary Hall
  • St. Paul’s School
  • Phillips Academy Andover
  • Groton School
  • Deerfield Academy
  • The Lawrenceville School

Whether it is education or culture, the U.S. boarding schools are the host of both aspects. Due to the continually growing popularity, U.S. boarding schools always have an option for everyone. Since studying in the USA has been quite the rage for some time now, international students from various nooks of the globe migrate to the States to pursue their studies.

2. Prepares You For College

Since the coursework and extracurriculars are so advanced and extensive, students that have graduated from a boarding school in the U.S have better chances of getting into Ivy League schools such as Stanford, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, etc. A recent survey from The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) showed that students who studied in boarding schools were 87% better prepared for college academics. 

Since they also teach students about an independent environment and self-dependence early on in their formative years, students adjust and adapt to their college life a lot better as well. The skills that blossom in their high school years are well-honed in boarding schools which later become more easier to pursue and develop in college years. Furthermore, if you prove to be an exceptional student, the boarding school may offer you some recommendatory benefits when you go to apply for your dream college.

3. Provides Flourishing Career Opportunities

Graduation from a U.S boarding school is internationally eligible and widens the scope of careers. Just the fact that you graduated from a prestigious boarding school in the U.S. gives you that shiny medal that sets you apart from other people and makes employers turn towards you.

95% of students studying in boarding schools in America tend to become esteemed and educated members of society and contribute their skills and talents to it. While they are coming for that boarding school name, your skills, and the education that you learned from there back it all up. As a result, you have a high demand in the global employment market.

4. Diverse And Vibrant Social Experience

Almost all International U.S. boarding schools offer various student clubs and extracurricular activities for all interests. Since there is so much culture there, you will always find something that suits your preferences as well. You are also presented with the opportunity to meet people from all around the world and develop your social life.

Since it is high school life, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to socialize, both via parties and student clubs. As a result, you get plenty of different people, cultures, and social life. The diversification factor of these boarding schools is what makes so many people choose them as their highschool educational option. You know that you will never be alone, whether you are Indian, Korean, or African, you will find your people and your culture there along with exceptional educational opportunities. The boarding schools in the USA focus on providing their students with bustling social opportunities so their education is balanced with the real world as well.

5. Supportive Faculties

Boarding school students are provided with faculties that are available to them almost anytime. Teachers sometimes live on campus. However, even if they don’t, since you live on campus, you will be able to work with your teachers before and after classes and get assistance with difficult concepts and assignments. In addition to having teachers available outside of class, boarding students also have smaller student-to-teacher ratios in class.

Compared to day schools, boarding students spend an average of nine hours per week with teachers, coaches, and other staff members outside of the classroom. Which means  they are presented with twice the chances of meeting older, wiser, and smarter people who can help them become an intelligent and bright young adult.

6. Character Development

Although boarding students may face challenges, they also gain more responsibility and independence than they would have otherwise. Students don’t learn these aspects of life like managing time, becoming self motivated, cooking, cleaning, and making new friends until college. 78% of boarding students feel well prepared for their non-academic lives, compared to only 36% of public school students.

Having opportunities to lead others in boarding school accounts for the reason why boarding school graduates become leaders. Because they are taught to be independent, motivated, and disciplined at an early age, boarding school students tend to perform well in their careers compared to most private school students.

Long-Term Benefits To Pursue

To sum it all up, the prestige that surrounds the boarding schools in the U.S. and its educational system is there for a good reason, well plenty of them actually. It all boils down to knowing your strong points and picking a boarding school that supports them.

So don’t waste any time debating whether studying in the USA is worth it or not (because it is) and start listing the boarding schools that cater to your interests to start your higher education journey now.