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The Lawrenceville School – Complete Admission Overview

With unparalleled academics, athletics, performing arts, and experiential learning, Lawrenceville School provides a unique and ambitious academic experience to its students. A boarding and day school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey for students in grades 9 through 12, a Lawrenceville education draws on a heritage of intellectual and athletic knowledge to pass on to its students and help them become world leaders, innovators, and valued members of society.

Students have been acquiring high-quality educational and communal experience at the school ever since James Cameron Mackenzie championed the house system in the 1890s and Edward Harkness and Allan Heely introduced discussion-based Harkness education in the 1930s. It’s important for students to learn about the admissions process, requirements, and tips to prepare the right materials for applying to the school.

Admission Process for the Lawrenceville School

To ensure a smooth admission process, it’s essential to learn what the process looks like and requires from its applicants. Here are the steps to follow when applying for the admission process at Lawrenceville School:

Submit the Inquiry Form on the Website

The first step for all applicants to begin their admission process to Lawrenceville is to submit an Inquiry Form found on the school’s website. This form can be submitted at any time of year, but it must be submitted before any other application documents are sent to the school.

Schedule an Interview and a Campus Visit

After submitting their Inquiry Form, students will be sent a link to sign up for an interview with the school’s admission board. Interviews are usually held from September through January where applicants meet with one of the school’s Admission Counselors on site or via video conference. If they’ve planned a campus tour, applicants are given the opportunity to explore Lawrenceville’s campus with a student tour guide while also connecting with other members of their community.

Take an Admissions Exam

Applicants are required to take some admissions tests required by the school to submit along with their online application. These tests determine the academic accomplishments of the applicants and help the school decide if the applicants meet the school’s academic criteria or not. Here are the test requirements by grade level:

  • SSAT, ISEE, and/or any state or district standardized exam scores are necessary for 9th and 10th-grade candidates.
  • SSAT, PSAT, SAT, or ACT are needed for 11th-grade candidates.
  • PSAT, SAT, or ACT are needed for 12th-grade and postgraduate applicants

Here are the Test Codes for Lawrenceville School:

  • SSAT: 4564
  • TOEFL: 9153
  • ISEE: 310680

Submit an English Proficiency Test (For International Students)

All international applicants must demonstrate verbal and written English proficiency to submit along with their application. Taking the TOEFL, Duolingo, or IELTS tests is necessary for applicants whose native language is not English and whose language of instruction for the past four years of education has not been English.


Check the Financial Aid Application (If Applicable)

Lawrenceville is committed to providing a high-quality education available to all deserving students, which is why one-third of Lawrenceville students receive need-based financial help. Families that wish to seek financial assistance should check the financial aid request box on the inquiry form. Here are the required documents to submit along with the financial aid application:

  • Domestic candidates must provide tax returns from the past two years.
  • Forms W2 from the preceding year
  • Canadian candidates must provide tax returns from the past two years.

Documentation for international students:

  • Proof of Income records

Complete and Submit the Online Application

After all required documents are completed and organized, applicants can proceed to submit their online application. While both the Standard Application Online (SAO) and the Gateway to Prep School Application are accepted by Lawrenceville, the school prefers using the Gateway application. The deadline for admission application is January 15th. The application fee is $50 for local candidates and $100 for international applicants. Here are some additional application materials to submit:

  • Recommendation from the Principal/Counselor (current year)
  • Recommendation from an English Teacher (Humanities – English/History/Social Studies/Social Sciences).
  • Recommendation from a Math Teacher (STEM – Math/Science/Engineering).

Wait for the Admission Decision

After submitting the application, applicants must wait for the admission decision usually made public in March. Applicants can view their admission decision on the application portal. Those who are accepted have the opportunity to visit the campus In March and April and get to know the community further.

Getting into Lawrenceville School — A House to Call Home

Lawrenceville has been preparing students for a changing world for almost 200 years, while also becoming increasingly diverse, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of its students. There are 18 residential structures known as homes and the House structure is unique to American boarding schools and is at the heart of the residential life curriculum. It’s crucial to understand the expectations and requirements of the school for aspiring students who wish to seek a Lawrenceville education to broaden their future ambitions.

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