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St. Paul’s Boarding School Regional Scholarships

St.Paul’s Boarding School-a paradigm of academic excellence

At St. Pauls, we vow to provide an environment conducive to learning, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries. We encourage students to look at things from different perspectives. That is why we welcome students from all countries and cultural backgrounds. A positive cultural exchange fosters acceptance and tolerance of differences in opinion. Our admission guide, Boarding High School, also advocates unity in diversity for a better future for all. 

Financial support for uninterrupted learning and growth

Our enriched and thriving learning environment propels unique philosophies and attitudes. We encourage talented students from all regions in the US to become a part of the St. Pauls family.

St. Paul’s boarding school offers regional scholarships to eliminate geographic boundaries and impart quality education to all. We take immense pride in our talented scholars who win prestigious awards for the institution. Debate championships, athletics, and Presidential and Morehead-Cain Scholars awards are just to name a few. Here are some of the regional scholarships St. Paul’s school offers. Refer to these and the admission guide, Boarding High School, for a successful scholarship application.

Burke Scholarship

California Wyoming

Since 2014, the Susan and Coleman P. Burke ’59 Scholarship offers staunch support to eager and outstanding students from California and Wyoming. Mr. Burke, a proud alumnus vows to give the same learning and growth opportunities to deserving students as he experienced when he was a student. The scholarship fulfills financial requirements for each attending year of the student at St. Paul’s School. Students who are financially compromised benefit immensely from the scholarship. 

Cook Scholarship


One of the oldest alumnus at St. Paul’s School, the late Frank Hervey Cook established the scholarship in 1973. He graduated from the school in 1919, spending the rest of his life in Montana. Brilliant and diligent students from Montana who aspire to become future leaders benefit from this scholarship. Not only tuition fees, but the scholarship covers other associated costs of going to the college of their will. 

Greene Scholarship


This scholarship is reminiscent of Alabama-based alumni, John Kaul Greene ’47. To honor his unparalleled services to the institution, this scholarship covers full tuition and associated fees for every year of attendance at St. Paul’s School. Those who have financially deprived get priority to avail of the Greene Scholarship.

Heinz Scholarship


To support bright students from Pennsylvania, the alumnus couple, Christopher Heinz ’91 and his wife Sasha Lewis Heinz ’97 established the scholarship. Together with the endowments from Pittsburgh-based Heinz Endowment, they established the scholarship for the betterment of Pennsylvanian students. The Heinz scholarship shares the financial burden of hardworking students since 2008.

Hunt Scholarship

Texas, Mexico, and New Mexico

In 2011, Stacey S. Hunt, Gayle, and Woody Hunt partnered with the Hunt Family Foundation to establish the Marcus Jonathan Hunt Scholarship. A renowned member of the Form in 1989, the late Mr. Hunt rendered invaluable services to the school. This scholarship pays tribute to his remarkable efforts in helping poverty-stricken students in Texas, Mexico, and New Mexico.

Meyer Scholarship

South Carolina

Austin and Lane Meyer of Columbia, South Carolina founded the Meyer Scholarship in 2012. Four students from the state, preferably one in each form gain the scholarship To become a part of St. Paul’s Boarding High School. Depending on the financial condition, either the student gets full funding for the tuition and associated fees, or partial payment. The school authorities decide on the amount of the grant for the student. The decision is unprejudiced and based on the financial background and the student’s abilities. Many students from South Carolina aspire to benefit from the scholarship. 

Ross Scholarship

Northern New Jersey

To help the bright students of Northern New Jersey secure a prosperous future, the Ross Scholarship lends a helping hand. Founded in 2005 by E. Burke Ross Jr. ’69 the scholarship plays a critical role in the prosperity of the region. It honors three generations of the Ross clan who were proud alumni of the St.Paul’s School. This scholarship is a small gesture to value their innumerable services to the institution. The family has deep-rooted ties with the region that it vows to intensify through this scholarship. Successful applicants achieve full tuition payment and fees for every year at the School.  The admission guide, Boarding High School, shall help you avail of these regional scholarships promptly. You can visit the school website for more details such as when and how to apply for the scholarship.

Vital information such as the required financial documents to apply for a scholarship shall help you get ready with all the paperwork. These scholarships relieve the students from the burden such as loans that have to be paid off eventually. Hence, they let students concentrate better on their education without worrying about matters such as job placements and savings even before they start their professional careers. 

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