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The Hotchkiss School – Complete Admission Overview

The Hotchkiss School, a private boarding school in Lakeville, Connecticut, was first established in 1891 for local boys whose families could not pay the yearly $600 tuition. The school’s founder, Maria Hotchkiss, pioneered one of the nation’s first financial assistance programs for private secondary schools.

Now, a leading name among other top-rated academic beacons in the country, the Hotchkiss School offers over 200+ academic courses, extracurriculars, financial aid programs, and more for students to provide them with the best academic experience. Known for both academia and extracurriculars, students seeking a positive and learning-filled high school experience apply to The Hotchkiss School. Providing a rich learning experience with diverse campus life, students can join over 100 different student-led groups, community service organizations, performing clubs, and literary magazines. Renowned for being a prestigious school and accepting the brightest of minds, the admission process to Hotchkiss can be quite intimidating for students. Learning about the admission process can help students prepare for it and boost their acceptance chances.

Admission Process For The Hotchkiss School

The admission process for the Hotchkiss school is simple to follow if students are prepared with the right materials. Here are the admission steps to follow to apply for the Hotchkiss school:

1.    Complete an Admission Inquiry Form

To begin the admission process, you’ll need access to the school’s website. The majority of the Hotchkiss application is completed online using the Gateway to Prep Schools portal. Fill out the admission inquiry form to get admission information, such as invitations to local events and application suggestions. You’ll also schedule an interview or campus visit while filling out the form. Provide a real email address that you will use to check your status during the application process. Remember to include your complete postal address too.

2.    Fill Out The Optional Special Interest Forms

If you want to play a sport or study the artistic or performing arts at Hotchkiss, complete the optional forms on the website. You can provide your previous experience and your current passion for studying sports or performance arts in these forms.

3.    Provide Your Recommendations and Transcripts

Hotchkiss requires numerous recommendation forms, aside from your official transcript, to attest to your character and academic accomplishments. The forms and transcripts must be uploaded according to the provided instructions on the website. The required forms and letters are as follows:

  • Principal/Counselor recommendation letter
  • English teacher recommendation letter
  • Math teacher recommendation letter
  • Personal recommendation (provided by an adult who is familiar with you)
  • Authentic transcript or report card copy (must be uploaded and sent directly by your school)

4.    Attend the Admissions Interview

Interviews are not required but highly recommended at Hotchkiss. The school offers both virtual and in-person interviews for Fall 2023 candidates. Prospective students must complete the Application Inquiry Form before scheduling an interview.

On-campus interviews begin with a 45-minute tour of the campus guided by a current Hotchkiss student, followed by a one-on-one interview with an admissions counselor.  Students who are unable to go to campus may schedule a virtual interview. Applicants must have completed the Candidate Profile on the portal before scheduling a virtual interview.

5.    Complete Admissions Tests

9th and 10th-grade applicants aren’t required to complete admission tests at Hotchkiss. If necessary, they may submit SSAT or ISEE results along with their application. 11th, 12th-grade, and postgraduate applicants, however, are required to complete admission tests. Hotchkiss accepts PSAT, SAT, ACT, SSAT, and any other state/country-authorized tests.

The Hotchkiss School invites all candidates to complete the optional Character Skills Snapshot, which gives a more comprehensive look at each student’s strengths and educational needs beyond what typical testing can evaluate. While completing admission tests is optional for some, your application may stand out if you receive high test results. If your test results are competitive for Hotchkiss, include them in your application.

6.    Complete the Rest of the Application on the Portal

After you’ve completed the tests, go through your application on the portal and review it once more to check if you’re missing something important, such as an essential letter or some identity information. Check if you’ve completed/submitted the following before sending off your application:

  • Candidate profile ( information about yourself, your family, and your residence)
  • Candidate project (official application, questions for essays, and activities)
  • Brief essays
  • Academic record
  • Guardian/parent statement
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Optional art or sports supplement materials

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Attend The Hotchkiss School —A Diverse Community

The Hotchkiss School offers its pupils a top-notch academic experience in an invigorating and dynamic environment. When you join Hotchkiss, you become part of a diverse community that includes people from all over the country and the world. Its limited class numbers and environment committed to academic and personal growth make education at Hotchkiss quite unrivaled. Students on the campus have an incredible opportunity to experience life as team members, classmates, friends, roommates, and members of the community.

Although applying to such a prestigious school can seem daunting, learning about the school’s student criteria and working hard to finish the admissions examinations and application essays might make your application stand out from the crowd.

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